Kati and Laura get into a raunchy catfight over shoes.

Kati absolutely loves shoes. Perhaps too much. While her friend Laura is in the bathroom getting ready for their big night out, Kati sneaks into her bedroom to steal some choice high-heels from Laura’s extensive shoe collection. But she gets caught!

Laura is not pleased, and demands her shoes back. Kati just won’t give them up. They struggle with Kait’s bag of lucre, pulling back and forth, and soon find themselves on the bed. They roll to and fro, first fully clothed, but soon their dresses work their way up to reveal pink, smooth legs. Still encased in their stiletto heels, their soft legs tangle together as each tries to subdue the other.

Each girl works to get on top, and soon breasts are out, and dresses have moved up to reveal completely nude lower halves. They go tit to tit and cheek to cheek, trying to dominate the other, teeth bared in pleasure and anger. Shoes scuff and rub together at the end of their tightly intertwined legs.

Eventually, the real weapons come out, each girl pressing a missionary tribadism attack on the other. This sexfight has a clear winner, getting the loser to relinquish the bag of shoes while her attacker smashes pussy, tit , and cheek into her opponent.

For fans of full-length dresses, blonde vs. ginger, thievery, tits smashed against tits, scuffed shoes, minimalist furnishings, bared teeth, shoe-on-shoe rubbing, cheap hardwood, cheek-to-cheek, lesbian shoes fetishists, hilarious dialog, fair skin, green shag, rolling catfights, East European accents, intertwined legs, and faux anger

23 mins