Baby oil. And Lesbians. Friction eased. Slithering, writing together. Hot oiled bodies. Intertwined.

We’ve wanted to do a lesbian oil scene for a very long time. Again, our trepidation was similar to what we felt with the catfighting. Done well, it can be extremely erotic. Not done well, and blech!

This video isn’t 100% of what we’d like, but it has it’s moments. If you are looking for hardcore, competitive wresting, this isn’t it. But what is good is the tit-to-tit. Now dry tits bouncing against each other is pretty cool, but oiled tits pressing together is awesome and that’s what you get here. Some oiled tribidism. Missionary tribadism does make an appearance, but there is a lot of scissoring in this one. Not my cup of tea, but I know some of you can’t get enough of scissoring trib. And oiled scissoring is certainly a good way to do it.

For fans of silver padded rooms, oil, rolling in hair, nipple fights, thigh on thigh, glistening skin, lube, squirming and squishing, breast to breast, and scissoring Asians

20 mins