Countless hours of girl-girl videos crowd the world’s porn severs. Scores of companies are turning out catfight videos by the minute. A handful of producers have even managed to effectively cross-breed both themes into one of the hotter porn genres out there: sexfighting.

Yet despite the admirable effort of the latter genre, and the considerable volume of the former two, for fans of female body-to-body contact there just isn’t much out there.

Lesbian videos give you a marathon lesson in cunnilingus and breast licking, but not much else.

The majority of catfight videos occupy the competitive end of the spectrum. The action is fast and the change of positions too frequent — choice body-to-body contact lasts only milliseconds.

Sexfight videos are more likely to get it right. But again, pussy-licking, tit-sucking and finger-fucking are the order of the day. You might get a little tribadism, but most likely of the face-to-face scissory variety rather than its far more visually appealing variant: missionary tribadism.

You see, missionary tribadism takes trib action far beyond the mere genital collision you see in most clips. It’s about a woman pressing the full of her body against that of another: tummy smashed against tummy, breast jiggling against breast, thighs draped across thighs. When viewed from behind: a beautiful double decker butt-vagina-vagina-butt sandwich.

Which brings us to the mission of this site: providing lesbian lovers, fantasy catfight fans, and missionary trib enthusiasts more footage of the shots that we desperately want but rarely see. Women tangled together, intertwined like snakes. Rolling on the floor in frustration and ecstasy. Grinding against each other, clit-to-clit, pussy-to-pussy, thigh-to-thigh, breast-to-breast. Open-mouthed french kisses, cheek mashed against cheek as tongues lash together. Lesbianity at its most intense and intimate.