Kati and Laura decide to settle their differences with a garterbelt sexfight.

But to remove any possibility of one combatant pulling away when the sex gets too intense, they tie themselves together with their garter belts. Kati clips the straps of her red stockings to the tops of Laura’s black fishnets, and Laura does the same.

Tied so closely together and wearing only their garter belts and stockings, the two ladies can feel their body heat reflected off each other’s thighs and torsos. They start with an intense tongue-fight, their tits and thighs rubbing together in an exciting friction trifecta. We get wide-views from the side, to see maximum tummy on tummy lesbian love, breasts against breasts. Close-ups of their erotic tongue battle. Under-the-crotch views as their turgid pussies rub together.

They then get down to the floor for some erotic missionary tribadism, with each girl having a turn on top. They end their session on their sides, exhausted from the hot tribadism, still clasped together and writhing in unison.

For fans of blue shag, fishnets, freckles, tan vs pale, tongefights, bet on red or black, missionary tribadism, open-mouth French kissing, titfighting, tribbing, garter belts, Ikea furnishings, splayed legs, body on body, throw- blankets, suspenders, lesbian moaning, mass-produced art, stockings, and pussy-on-pussy.

22 mins