These two Asian honies don leotards and fishnet stockings. Why dance? Why aerobicize? Just grind, hump and trib hunnies!

I’m sure you’ve all had the fantasy: two friends are dressed up in leotards, all ready for their aerobics or dancing class. But instead of trotting off for their lesson, the stick and home to fully enjoy their flattering outfits with each other.

There is something intensely erotic about leotards and body-suits: tight, like a second skin, while at the same time so very flattering to the female form.

In this scene, Beshaun and Rowena are in some very form-fitting leotards and hose, along with high heels to push out their calves to maximum advantage.

They start off with asses toward to the camera, bumping their hips together until they kiss each other. Then it’s time for some standing grinding: ass-to-ass, face-to-face, followed by vigorous humping and thrusting of pussy into ass. They slam those pussies hard into soft ass — so hard you can hear it, along with the delicious jiggle of ass and thigh.

The girls get on their knees, and slam asses together. Ass-cheeks spread wide so that the tight leotards lining their butt-cracks rub together.

The frenzy then continues in the horizontal, trading places being on top of one another, making sure to maximize the amount of pantyhose-encased leg flesh rubbing together. Then you have some delightful non-nude tribadism, where the ladies pussies rub together through the fabric. The scene closes when them tangled in a sitting positing, frenching wildly.

For fans of faux fur carpets, leotards, butt-to-butt, ponytails, kiss scissors, thighs, grinding, purple fishnets, decaying rugs, high-heels, humping, wicker couches, legs-on-legs, hug marathons

20 mins