Beshaun and Rowena swap spit and grind some gartered gash.

This is the first of our four latest videos staring Thai models Rowena and Beshaun. Rowena is the darker skinned, big breasted one with delicious full thighs and booty. Beshaun is smaller, lighter-skinned girl with luscious, full lips. We originally planned on releasing these as a storied sequence, starting with a catfight, then sexfight, followed by a sexual dance number, and ending with lesbian oil wrestling. However, we’ve decided to start off with the best one, in our opinion: the sexfight version, Garter Grind.

The action begins with the girls on the couch, legs tangled up in garters and high heels. They play back and forth, and eventually getting into some really torrid kissing. This is where this video really shines, and is definitely the best kissing we’ve ever produced. Sapphic Shag was pretty good in that respect, but where Sapphic Shag was more sensual, this is really aggressive, mouths wide open, cheeks pressed together, tongues hungrily lashing back and forth. At a few points Rowena actually grabs Beshaun’s head, and presses her head against her’s so that their faces almost meld together in a tongue-wrestling fury.

There is some excellent tit-to-tit as well, using our favorite breast-on-breast position: arms up or outstretched, so that their soft breasts can smush and smash together with maximum body on body contact. The video is good for thigh-to-thigh action too. You’ve got your rolling on the ground, as well as the tribadism you come to expect from our site, although it is a little different that what we usually do. We left it up to the models and director, and there is a lot of variety of action, but probably with the angles, framing, or timing we’d choose. But some of you might prefer this, actually.

For fans of Thai girls, skinny vs full-bodied, small breasts on large breasts, dark and pale, long hair, stockings, lipstick, garters, high heels, aggressive kissing

20 mins