Laura and Kati get it on after a long night of clubbing.

Laura and Kati spent the whole night out clubbing – a long night of close dancing with strange men and women while eye-fucking strangers on the other side of the club. The adrenaline is kicking in as the high from evening wears off, and they both feel an aching in the loins which they wish to relieve with each other.

As they close the door behind them, Kati signals for Laura to draw closer. That she does, and they begin a bout of torrid kissing. Their lipstick smears all over their faces. But they don’t care. Laura just wants to feel Kati’s quivering wet tongue playing against hers. Kati wants to breathe Laura’s hot breath as they breathe in unison during a open-mouthed kiss.

As they kiss, they strip. In previous sessions saw them keep on some article of clothing, but tonight, they want to maximize nude flesh on flesh contact. Soon they are on the bed, going back and forth, naked thigh against naked thigh as the trib their pussies together. Back and forth, deep missionary tribadism, re-angling their legs to get hard pussy on pussy contact.

Eventually, they want to try something new, and engage in a little chair tribadism. Laura starts off on top, rubbing her hungry pussy against Kati’s, then re-angling her thighs so that the weight of her body presses her pussy lips into Laura’s vagina. Then Kati gets a try on top, tribbing and grinding until they both achieve an earth-shattering orgasm.

For fans of lipstick lesbians, long nights out, open-mouthed kisses, tit-to-tit, white sheets, cheap doors, nose pressed to nose, manicured nails, ass-squeezing, missionary tribadism, young lesbians, chair sex, nice calves, breast fighting, thick thighs, wedding rings, beautiful feet, cute lamps, and big breasts.

21 mins