Chanel and Elindi have always been intensely competitive with one another, and must now have an erotic sexfight to settle the score.

Chanel and Elindi have always been intensely competitive with one another. The dark-haired Chanel has always been annoyed that Elindi seemed to do everything right: the best grades in school, quick promotions at work, and the most enviable boyfriend. Elindi has always been jealous with Chanel’s bad-girl, freewheeling lifestyle: skipping class, ducking out of work, and sleeping around without bearing any of the negative consequences.

One day at work they got into a conversation about their dance experience when they were younger, each boasting about how flexible they were.

Unconvinced that Elindi was really all that experienced, Chanel challenged her to come over to her house to have a “flexibility competition.”

“Make sure you wear a black leotard and leg warmers. I’ll wear the same,” said Chanel.

“If we’re wearing that, we might have to compete on more than just flexibility,” countered Elindi.

Chanel got what she meant. She caught Elindi looking at her tall body many times before, and also looked forward to bringing the competition to a higher level of intensity, and showing that bitch what she was made of.

The day Elindi showed up, they didn’t say a word. They just stared at each other intently. This is where our video begins.

They come together, forehead-to-forehead and nose-to-nose, and after trying to stare each other down, proceed to have a hard tongue fight. Their tongues, mouths, and nose smash together in a test of strength, neither yielding to the other. As this contest of mouths progresses, their makeup is smeared and spread all over their faces.

They then bring their breast together, pushing mammary to mammary as they grab one another’s’ hair for leverage. Soon they bring their lower halves in tight, thigh to thigh and pubis to pubis, banging them and rubbing them together. We are treated to a nice view from below, as their thick thighs slap and clash together. Hear them grunt and groan as their thighs jiggle.

Then it’s down to the ground, asses in the air with the sides of their thighs touching. They hold hands, and kiss aggressively, while rhythmically slapping their asses. Then they go ass to ass, with their soft billowy thighs and butt pressing into one another, grinding pussy against pussy.

Having become too carried away with their sexfight, they realize that they never settled their original flexibility challenge. So they move to the couch, stretch their legs it the air, and extend while their mouths continue their kiss fight. Unconvinced that this is the way compete, they get down on the floor, and get into a cobra pose, face to face, and fight with their tongues. It’s not long before they realize that this is a competition better won with nude breasts, so their release their tits and allow them to hang and jiggle together.

This pushes Elindi over the edge, and she quickly gets on top of Chanel so that she can force her to orgasm and finish this thing. But she got more than she bargained for, and she and Chanel trade places on top, until Chanel is the last one, both in leotards and without, grinding her naked pussy again Elindi to a gaspy orgasm.

For fans or angry kiss, leg warmers, sexfights, red pleather, missionary tribadism, high heels, lesbian yoga, smeared lipstick, thigh-on-thigh, leotards, headbands, titfights, tall vs. short, and white shag.

28 mins