Linda and Alexa are “punished” by Alexa’s aunt. They are bound together, face-to-face, until they work out their differences.

Alexa’s aunt was not happy when she heard Linda and Alexa had been fighting. At least that’s how the two spun their introduction to girl-girl grindage. But Alexa’s aunt knew the score, and as “punishment” for their misplaced aggression, Antie tied the two girls up, face-to-face until they “learn to get along.”

At first the girls were upset, crying for Auntie to untie them, the heavy mascara Auntie required them to apply running in grotesque rivulets down their cheeks. And that’s the point that we open.

At first the two girls appear to hate being tied together, unable to escape from the heat their rubbing bodies create. But close proximity is too much to bear, and soon they make the best of their situation with a tongue fight. It starts of intermittently, then escalates to wild flicking and hard lip-to-lip, their lipstick smearing all over their mouths and chins.

Then breast presses against breast, upper torsos sinking into one another. They pull back from time to time, letting their hard nipples delicately mesh together. Then the girls swing their young mammaries back and forth, causing their breast meat to collide deliciously.

Soon enough, they collapse to the floor and roll back and forth to release their sexual frustration, pausing occasionally to make sure their pussies and thighs grind together. When Linda is on top, she tries to pull back on the restraints, but Alexa only draws them tighter. When Alexa is on top, Linda’s hands are everywhere, caressing Alexa’s powdery white thighs and slapping her firm ass.

The pace of the rolling slows, with each girl grinding on top for more extended periods of time. Shots from behind emphasize their beautiful naked legs pressed together. Shots from the side display the heart-racing site of their stacked bodies, every inch matched and pressed against every inch: leg to leg, pussy to pussy, tummy to tummy, tit to tit.

Toward the end, Linda can’t hold back and let’s forth with a loud, bouncy orgasm that cannot be missed. Squealing and with pleasure, her vulva rhythmically smacks down on that of her partner on each orgasmic contraction. Nice.

For fans of orgasmy tribadism, nipple fights, smeared makeup, bound lesbians, tattoos, purple paint, body to body, mussed hair, potted plants, clit grinding, unintended Heath Ledger tributes, spread legs, nude rollers, kiss fights, white socks, crotch wars, bear hugs, skin contrasts, labia to labia contact, ass grabs, and vaginal close ups.

23 mins