Nina and Bianca Golden knock boots. Literally.

These Boots are Made for Tribbin

This is obviously a tribute to Nancy Sinatra’s 1966 hit, “These Boots are made for Walkin’” Wonder how many folks like back in the day fantasized about Nancy Sinatra strutting around completely naked, save for a pair of dark leather boots. Wonder how many took that a step further, and imagined her taking on Raquel Welch, Jane Fonda, or Natalie Wood in a boot-clad body-to-body tangled-up trib fest. There had to have been a few.

Well we can’t reverse time and get that arranged, but we were able to get a couple platinum blondes to don boots and bring their bodies together.

This scene stars Nina and Bianca Golden. Bianca’s the one with the piercings. Action starts in a stand-up embrace, with tits pressing hard against tits and legs between legs. Both have the exact same hair color, and very similar body types, so it almost looks like two twins going at it. Nice.

We’ve got a good variety of shots: close up to the sparring breasts and nipples, far away so we can see their bodies smashed together, low angles, emphasizing jiggling asses and intertwined thighs. Then it’s to the bed with more good leg to leg action, using their quads to hump each other. Meanwhile you’re treated to some excellent breast to breast and kissing.

These girls are really into and really getting themselves together. Naturally, they move on to more missionary tribadism, both of the face to face variety, and the pussy to butt flavor. They conclude with some pretty vigorous scissoring.

For fans of hot blondes, piercings, fair skin, boots.

21 mins