Covered in flour from their session in the kitchen, Elindi and Laura head to the showers and clean each other off and engage in a soapy lesbian massage.

They slowly and sensuously soap each other up, making sure to use their tits to lather up the other girl’s tits; hot, wet, soapy slippery breasts mashing together. Once they are sufficiently soaped up, they head to living room to give each other an extended body-to-body massage.

Each girl gets a turn on top, face-to-face, with multiple angles to see their bodies and breasts pressing together. They then move into reverse missionary tribadism, and then a nude butt-to-butt massage. They complete their session with some deep, vigorous, hard-pressed missionary tribadism.

For fans of fair skin, tiled living spaces, tattoos, suds, missionary tribadism, white asses, blow-up mattresses, lesbian soapland, creative candelabras, naru massage, interior masonry, and flicking tongues.

29 mins