Two Chinese MILFS grind it out on a massage table.

We were contacted by a married couple from Hong Kong who were interested in selling us videos of the wife tribbing a local dominatrix. (We’ll let you guess which one is which!) We took them up on their offer, and we are happy to present to you the result of their close-quarter tribadism session.

Now, we’ll admit that there are some things we like about the video and some things we don’t. Let’s start with the positives:

Real Women
These definitely aren’t models, but rather your average woman on the street. This just adds an extra element of eroticism for us. Not to mention the fact that they are mature Asians. While there are websites out there dedicated to this niche, this footage would be the first time, to our knowledge, that two mature Chinese women have been videoed in lesbian action like this.

Garter Belts
Ah, the reigning queen of the lingerie world: the black garter belt. Now while this won’t be a first for a TangleCats video, we just love the way these Chinese MILFs look in these. Something about the contrast of the black straps against the fair skin. Mmmm.

Location, Location, Location
Okay, so I’ve already brought up the Chinese MILF thing, but at the risk of overstating this, seeing lesbian sex from two local Chinese chicks is so damn cool. With Asian porn, you usually only have two choices: Asian Americans or Japanese idols/porn starlets. What these two groups produce is undoubtedly wonderful, but a little variety is nice. And with a population of over one billion, Greater Chinese performers are sadly underrepresented in adult content, so it’s good to see movement toward something more balanced, however modest.

We’re always fascinated by the design choices of the rooms where these videos are shot. This one has to be the best of all. The hanging blow-up doll motif is certainly a bold choice. As mentioned earlier, one of these models is a dominatrix, so you’ll notice a number of curious props lying around. Think she lives in this space too, which kind of amplifies the weirdness when you see normal everyday items sitting next to kinky shit…dildos next to hairdryers and so forth.

“How ‘bout we trib for you, darling?”
Have you ever wished that you could see a hot tribadism session in real life? That’s definitely item number one on our bucket list, and it’s reassuring to know that every so often fantasies are fulfilled. Lucky bastard.

Speaking of the lucky bastard, let’s move on to the negative aspects. One of the sexier things about amateur video is the intimacy, and this video definitely has that, but the original footage also had a lot of talking by the cameraman/husband. And it wasn’t soft, quiet, and easy to ignore as was the case in Hungry Housewives. It was really loud and unsettling. So basically we had to edit it out, replacing his voice with silence. Trust us, it’s better this way. Still, we know there are some people who will find the tracts of silence even more maddening, so we are offering two versions:

  1. One heavily edited, so that you can enjoy the action in peace (missing about 30% sound)
  2. One totally unedited, for obsessive compulsive types and fans of realism

I’m told these women are interested in making more videos. We think there is room for improvement, and they are open to advice, so let us know your suggestions — or at least let us know if you’d like to see these two go at it again.

For fans of: asian MILFs, missionary tribadism, fair skin, black lingerie, mature tongue play, massage table sex, misused blow-up dolls, reverse missionary tribadism, short hair, plastic shelving solutions, Chinese freckles, fluorescent lighting, tongue flicking, tribadism initiation, real Chinese lesbians, fishnets vs. stockings, hairy pussies, intermittent groans, and pink slippers

16 mins (19 mins unedited)