Mia and Cindy pick up where they left off, but this time with costumes.

A few weeks have passed and Mia and Cindy have agreed to meet up. The place? The same converted dance studio where their minor altercation over ripped stockings led to a heavy tribadism session. They haven’t discussed the specifics of what they plan to do beforehand, but Cindy had a pretty good idea when Mia says she’s bringing costumes.

Cat-lovers both, Mia has improvised catgirl costumes made out of cat ears, tails, and fishnet body stockings. Despite lacking the fine craftsmanship of your typical Japanese cosplay outfits, she decides the costumes will do in a pinch, while providing the perfect opportunity to explore the sensations of rubbing her fishnet-clad body against Cindy’s.

The costumes are quite easy to slip into, and the girls begin with a little role-play. They circle around each other on their hands and knees, meowing back and forth. They lick their paws, present their hind-quarters, stretch, and generally act cat-like.

The role-play starts to turn them on. They line up side by side on their hands and knees, and rub the sides of their bodies back and forth. Before long they bring their tongues together. Hip to hip and arm to arm, their tongues play back and forth, until Cindy, nearly faint with pleasure, sinks her cheek into Mia’s. The sides of their mouths meet, their tongues slip and slide together, eyeballs rolling up into the back of their heads behind their closed eyelids.

As nice as kissing can be, the time soon comes for a missionary tribadism repeat. Cindy mounts first, the front of her legs against Mia’s spread hamstrings. As she squeezes her pussy against Mia, their legs form a jiggling fishnet pretzel. Their gasps and groans echo through the empty room as their throbbing clits rub together.

Then Mia gets on top, and tries something different. Placing her left leg back and right leg forward, her pussy lips spread gently apart while her clit tingles from the light friction against Cindy’s mons pubis. Mia’s delicious butt swings up and down, keeping time with her loud moans of pleasure.

But as amateur dancers and yoga addicts, the girls can’t resist trying something more athletic. Mia gets on her back and brings her legs backward, ass displayed high in the air. Cindy straddles her, and brings her hot vagina down on her partner’s. Legs parallel to legs, the ladies shimmy back and forth. As thrilling and unique as the position is, however, Mia craves more missionary tribadism. Soon they are back on the floor, Cindy’s thighs spread wide and Mia trusting against thigh against thigh until she is satisfied. Then are back to ass-in-air tribadism, this time with Mia on top, slapping her ass and legs against Cindy’s. The girls end on the floor, frenching and cuddling in post-coital bliss

For fans of animalistic urges, full-body fishnet, converted dance studios, young lust, heavy eye makeup, tricep collisions, tongue-studs, feline fatales, Darrell Hannah look-alikes, scuffed hardwood, bared teeth, leather ears and tails, blondes, cheek to cheek tongue play, hot gams, gothic catgirls, tantric lesbian yoga, clit against clit, meaty athleticism.

30 mins