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Sweet Tarts

Read more... Laura and Elindi are in the kitchen -- wearing only aprons and socks (as one does) -- cooking up some tarts to satisfy their cravings for something soft, warm and sweet. And that's exactly what they get, albeit the low-carb version.

Thighs, Eyes & Jazzercize

Read more... Chanel and Elindi have always been intensely competitive with one another, and must now have an erotic sexfight to settle the score. For fans or angry kiss, leg warmers, sexfights, red pleather, missionary tribadism, high heels, lesbian yoga, smeared lipstick, thigh-on-thigh, leotards, headbands, titfights, tall vs. short, and white shag.

Hung Humping
Read more...Laura and Kati get it on after a long night of clubbing. For fans of lipstick lesbians, long nights out, open-mouthed kisses, tit-to-tit, white sheets, cheap doors, nose pressed to nose, manicured nails, ass-squeezing, missionary tribadism, young lesbians, chair sex, nice calves, breast fighting, thick thighs, wedding rings, beautiful feet, cute lamps, and big breasts.
Tied at the Hip
Read more...Kati and Laura decide to settle their differences with a garterbelt sexfight. For fans of blue shag, fishnets, freckles, tan vs pale, tongefights, bet on red or black, missionary tribadism, open-mouth French kissing, titfighting, tribbing, garter belts, Ikea furnishings, splayed legs, body on body, throw- blankets, suspenders, lesbian moaning, mass-produced art, stockings, and pussy-on-pussy.
Shoe Scuffle

Read more...Kati and Laura get into a rauchy catfight over shoes.

For fans of full-length dresses, blonde vs. ginger, thievery, tits smashed against tits, scuffed shoes, minimalist furnishings, bared teeth, shoe-on-shoe rubbing, cheap hardwood, cheek-to-cheek, lesbian shoes fetishists, hilarious dialog, fair skin, green shag, rolling catfights, East European accents, intertwined legs, and faux anger.


Read more...Baby oil. And Lesbians. Friction eased. Slithering, writing together. Hot oiled bodies. Intertwined.

For fans of silver padded rooms, oil, rolling in hair, nipple fights, thigh on thigh, glistening skin, lube, squirming and squishing, breast to breast, and scissoring Asians

Leotard Love

Read more...These two Asian honies don leotards and fishnet stockings. Why dance? Why aerobicize? Just grind, hump and trib hunnies!

For fans of faux fur carpets, leotards, butt-to-butt, ponytails, kiss scissors, thighs, grinding, purple fishnets, decaying rugs, high-heels, humping, wicker couches, legs-on-legs, hug marathons

Sweaty Heap

Read more...The two Thai girls try out a light catfight, and end up in a sweaty heap of missionary tribadism.

For fans of blue Crocs, tribadism, long hair, competition, g-strings, sweat, titfights, heaps, light wrestling, athletic shoes, squeaks and screams, slaps, fantasy catfights and white socks

Garter Grind
Read more...Beshaun and Rowena swap spit and grind some gartered gash.

For fans of Thai girls, skinny vs full-bodied, small breasts on large breasts, dark and pale, long hair, stockings, lipstick, garters, high heels, aggressive kissing
Trib Loves Company

Read more...Nina, Playful Ann, Bianca Golden and Joanne Sweet get together for a tribadism orgy.

For fans of quadruple trib, blondes and brunettes, garter belts, black hose, stacked lesbians, red stockings, bound girls, girl-only dogpile, tribadism, and the lesbian human centipede

Lift That Skirt
Read more...Once Joanne Sweet and Bianca Golden lift their skirts – not to cool off – but to heat things up.
For fans of tangled legs, scrunchies, nipple to nipple, potted plants, hoop earrings, thigh-on-thigh, mini-skirts, white panties, tight t-shirts, incongruous statuary, bump and grind, cheap beds, blondes of a different shade
Sheer Friction
Read more...Playful Ann and Joanne Sweet go body to body in full length pantyhose.

For fans of brunette on blond, titfights, leopard throw-pillows, skin contrasts, faux masonry, tongue flicking, small breasts, corner couches, jiggling, and pantyhose as second skin
These Boots are Made for Tribbin’
Read more... Nina and Bianca Golden knock boots. Literally.

For fans of hot blondes, piercings, fair skin, boots.
Swimsuit Snuggle

Read more...Bianca Golden and Playful Ann don swimsuits for a little slip-n'-slide.

For fans of pussy-to-butt, missionary triabaidsm, tit-to-tit, and general rubbing of bod against bod.

Sapphic Shag

Read more... Julia and Melanie grind each other into the carpet. For fans of real sapphic action, lusty latinas, thigh-to-thigh rubbing, red stockings, nude hugging, mashed mammaries, garter belts, rolling, shag area rugs, slim girls, deep kissing, and high-energy lesbians.

Sino Sex-Off
Read more... A sexfight ensues, grinding it out on the carpet and then the bed. For fans of sexfighting, fishnet body stockings, thigh highs, mature Asians, ass dueling, jiggling buttocks, body against body, and spread on the bed.
Miniskirt Mashup

Read more...Tempers flare in the summer heat. A catfight quickly devolves into a steamy session of vigorous rolling and missionary tribadism! For fans of bouncy tribadism, skin contrasts, nappy dreads, close-ups, tall vs. short, frilly panties, up-skirt angles, grinding pussies, young skin, pulled pigtails, playful catfights, rough chicks, pink decor, emotions, heels on hardwood, and noisy trib!

Hungry Housewives

Read more... What a nice surprise. We get two housewives together for some light wrestling, and they discover their secret hunger for missionary tribadism. For fans of angry looks, red hair, tangled rolling, filled-out swimsuits, Hungarian honeys, lycra, swollen labia, the roll and quiver, orange shag, hot tongue-play, scrunchies, intertwined legs, leopard print, spankings, the jiggle and shake, chicken skin, mussed hair, dime-store chokers, calf-to-calf, breathable socks, intimidating stare-downs, tongue-studs, shaky legs!

Canton Clambake
Read more... Southern Chinese lesbians take it to the next level. For fans of thigh wars, Asian broads, pantied tribadism, dusty blue carpet, natural lighting, mound-on-mound, titfighting, butt bumping, used bodies, gingham and cotton, nipple to nipple, and silent rolling.
Pearl River Punani
Read more... The two mature ladies from Let's Experiment are at it again. For fans of Chinese lesbians, white sheets, aged legs, scars, pussies in sunlight, minimal makeup, real women, pastel sleepwear, tattoos, thick thighs and high heels.
Let's Experiment

Read more... Two Chinese MILFS grind it out on a massage table. For fans of Asian MILFs, missionary tribadism, fair skin, black lingerie, mature tongue play, massage table sex, misused blow-up dolls, reverse missionary tribadism, short hair, plastic shelving solutions, Chinese freckles, fluorescent lighting, tongue flicking, tribadism initiation, real Chinese lesbians, fishnets vs. stockings, hairy pussies, intermittent groans, and pink slippers

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